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Reputation Marketing

Create & Leverage Your 5-star reputation

The most important aspect to your online reputation is creating, maintaining & leveraging a 5-star reputation.

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Reputation Management

Monitoring, Reporting & Reacting

Managing your reputation online is critical in the era of social media, online review consultations and review sites.

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Leveraging Google+ Local

To increase your client base

92% of people and professionals go online to search for a product or service like yours. Your business has to show up prominently and shine in the search results, so that future clients choose YOUR business instead of your competitors. We will help you achieve this.

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Latest Articles

Brand and Reputation: Is There a Difference?

Brand and Reputation: Is There a Difference? thumbnail

It is easy to get confused about what differentiates the terms “Brand” and “Reputation”. However, understanding the difference starts by going back to proper definitions, then understanding how each term gets affected by your target audience… and what you can do about it.

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What is reputation marketing ?

What is reputation marketing ? thumbnail

Discover what reputation marketing really is and why you need to consider it first BEFORE you do any further kind of marketing online or offline.

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What’s YOUR reputation ?

What’s YOUR reputation ? thumbnail

Do you know what people find when they search the web for your business name, or type of product or service ? Are there any comments, reviews, feedback, discussions, insults being published ? If you think people will ignore or treat lightly what they read online about you, think twice, because stats prove you wrong. Read on to understand how you can monitor what is currently being said about you.

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3 Ways to Shield Your Reputation Online

3 Ways to Shield Your Reputation Online thumbnail

There are so many forums, social media and review sites where both happy and disgruntled customers can air their emotions about your business that it is essential to monitor and manage your reputation online if you want business to continue flowing your way.

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The Best Way to Handle a Negative Review Online

The Best Way to Handle a Negative Review Online thumbnail

No matter how you choose to run your business, it is inevitable that at some point or another you will face the tough situation of getting a negative online review. While it may be tempting to fire back in self-defense, or to wallow in self-pity, those reactions will only compound the criticism you are trying […]

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Is reputation management really that important ?

Is reputation management really that important ? thumbnail

There is a lot of talk about online reputation management in board meetings these days. It seems that as soon as businesses jumped on the web and social media marketing wave, the Internet evolved into an even more complex structure, now requiring a deeper look into marketing in this ever-evolving world. It is no longer […]

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about me We help businesses, firms, clinics & doctors build and leverage a 5-star reputation online, so they can convert more prospects into clients and patients.

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