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Leveraging Google+ Local
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Whether you are aware of it or not, if your company has an official business address and is listed in a phone book or other directory, then you surely have a Google + Local listing page.



Google serves local search results, such as the one depicted in the image hereby, when users search for a local service or product. These local search results feature 3 or more Google + Local Page or listing which Google believes are relevant to the search, in a ranking order that matches its current local search algorythm (a formula only known by Google but of which savvy local SEO specialists such as us have a good understanding).

In order to understand why leveraging Google Plus Local is important and how it can help your business significantly by getting hot prequalified leads and clients, picture this:

Arthur K. is the owner of a small sized business in Boston, MA. He just got separated from his wife and is in need of legal advice from a professional. He uses his laptop to Google “Boston divorce lawyer” and boom, gets served a page of results, with 7 local divorce lawyers/firms. Only 1 Google+ Local result mentions “8 reviews”. He clicks on the link and reads 8 “Excellent” ratings with positive comments from former clients. Arthur browsed through a couple of the other local search results, but none of these other firms had any reviews nor score. Who do you think Arthur will call first ?

san-diego-orthodontist-search-resultsNow imagine this other scenario:

Julie B. from San Diego, California, is an outgoing young lady who likes to socialize, but… has always been ashamed by her smile. Her teeth are rather crooked and definitely need an orthodontal treatment. She is commuting a lot hence uses her iphone 85% of the time to browse the internet. She searches google for a local orthodontist by typing “San Diego orthodontist”. The first of the local search results has 11 Reviews and a score of 28 / 30. All other orthodontists listed have either no reviews nor optimized Google+ local pages, or under 4 reviews. Which orthodontist do you think Julie is going to contact first ?

From these 2 stories based on real world search results, I believe you can easily see the importance of:

  • having your company prominently placed in local search results – you should be in the top 3 results
  • having a constant flow of positive reviews published online so you have a top score and raving reviews displayed on your Google+ Local page
  • having an optimized Google+ Local Page that will give your future clients sufficient and positive information in order to trigger them to contact you.

Reputation Alchemy helps you implement such a profitable strategy so your business stands out locally and gets a flow of hot new prequalified leads.

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