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These days, your business’ online reputation can make or break your business success. People talk – whether they are unhappy or happy with your business – and talk spreads like wildfire on the world-wide web. It’s not effective to stay impartial, “take the high road,” or turn the other cheek when it comes to handling things others say about you on the Internet. As a matter of fact, being anything less than proactive about your online reputation can be downright dangerous to your business, as you can guarantee that if you don’t create your online reputation, someone else will . . . and that power could be very destructive in the wrong hands.

The first step to protecting your online reputation is monitoring it.

Then you need to react to what you find online to bolster and maintain a 5-star reputation.

Our company uses a proven system to monitor and proactively manage your reputation online.

What do we do exactly ?

Alongside the solid reputation building system, here is what we do on a daily and weekly basis for our clients on a monthly reputation plan:

  • Daily:
    • monitoring of your online directory listings for negative and positive reviews
    • alert your company on any new reviews posted online about your business
  • Weekly:
    • Monitoring of your online reputation
    • Send you a bi-weekly report of your positive and negative online reviews
  • Monthly:
    • Work with your staff to help them respond to negative reviews
      It is vital that your company responds personally to all negative reviews using an effective method – you can make negative reviews work FOR you!

Our reputation services include marketing and management of your business reputation online. Taking care of your online reputation will have you convert more leads & prospects into clients.

Call us now at (802) 347-2234 to schedule a free online presentation of our reputation marketing strategy to learn how you can build and maintain a 5-star reputation for your business.


About Reputation Alchemy

about me We help businesses, firms, clinics & doctors build and leverage a 5-star reputation online, so they can convert more prospects into clients and patients.

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