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What is reputation marketing ?

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So What Exactly Is Reputation Marketing?

It is building a 5-Star reputation online and leveraging that reputation to convert more customers. Please don’t get this confused with Reputation Management. There’s a huge difference between Reputation Management & Reputation Marketing. And Reputation marketing should be the first step to consider before any further promotion. What good is generating traffic to your website or promoting your name and brand if people will not be convinced that you are prividing a 5-star service ?

Reputation Marketing versus Reputation Management
Reputation Management by itself is obsolete because that’s what companies did years ago. It’s not to say that Reputation Management doesn’t have any value. It’s just that since the trends have changed that’s not how companies make money with it. The difference between the two is very simple. Your company doesn’t make money managing your online reputation. Your company makes money marketing your reputation. And when you combine the two, you marketing campaigns will have much greater results.

To stay competitive and dominate your market your business needs to take the lead in marketing & managing your reputation online.

If you want to CONVERT more people who see your business online into clients, you need to start by building a 5-star reputation online. We help our clients do just this by implementing a powerful review marketing & management system. Contact us at (802) 347-2234 for a free consultation or send us a message here.

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about me We help businesses, firms, clinics & doctors build and leverage a 5-star reputation online, so they can convert more prospects into clients and patients.

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